What are the Key Strengths and Weaknesses of Dell Laptops?

Dell computers probably have the most versatile and diverse range of machines in the market. The computers cater to every need; they have Inspiron for the academics, Latitude for the business class, and XPS Ultrabook for style and Alienware for the gamers. But how does the Dell core strengths stack up to every one of these machines? While the entire ideology behind Dell (Strong surface and sturdy design) is commendable for the high-end laptops, it’s the mid-range computers that leave us wanting more.


Further the official tech support for this brand is mediocre at best. For this very reason, third party technical experts like Laptop Service Centre has to surface to provide the best assistance to the consumers.

The Strengths

As already mentioned, it is the high-end machines of the brand make up for most of its strengths. The reason behind this is simple- Dell exists by a core idea of this power, and these laptops are able to qualify by this ideology.

  • The XPS ultrabook: There are two prominent models of this category; the XPS 13 and the XPS 15.  Both of these variants have stylistic InfinityEdge screens, ergonomic keyboards, robust build quality and a sufficiently long battery life.
  • Alienware: The Alienware is basically a wet dream of gamers around the world. Known for being the best in the business, these beasts pushes the boundaries of functional limits by providing user with hardened designs, high-end graphical performance, and constantly updated features like OLED display.
  • The Rugged: The Rugged edition laptops of the brand take the strong surface attributes to the extreme. Known to be functional in the harshest environments, the Latitude 14, 15, and 17 also sport high-end internal functionality.
  • Warranty: For someone with such an abysmal technical support, the warranty sure holds up for at least a year.

The Weaknesses

Now that we are done praising its strengths, it is time to face a harsh truth; not every laptop of this brand is up to the mark. There are indeed many black-sheep among its ranks. For that, you do not have to go any further than look at the mid-range machines.

  • The mid and the business range models are downright forgettable: Though the surface of these computers show the same level of power, the internal power is not quite memorable. To add insult to the injury, it is just adequate, which is kind of disappointing when it comes to Dell laptops.
  • Cost-(in) effective: While one can understand why the high-end machines are so pricey, the steep prices of mid-range machines escape understanding.
  • Abysmal official support: the official technical assistance team of Dell fails to meet expectations. Though this issue is being quelled by the unofficial technical experts.

To summarize the above, Dell embodies the idea of strength and power. But, due to budget constraints it reserves this idea only for the high-end machines. The mid-range machines, while sporting the same surface do not quite measure up. If you have any queries regarding these machines, contact Dell repair centre based in Australia.  Not only we would assist you in troubleshooting the computer’s most troubling malfunctions, but also provide you optimal discounts for the high-end laptops that we discussed about.